Price: $69.00   Add Outdoor/Indoor Infrated Security Camera to shopping cart IR Waterproof Camera (Indoor/Outdoor) (Model:IR805A)
IR Waterproof Camera (Indoor/Outdoor) connection diagram
All installation are just plug the adapters Very easy to install
The infrated camera can see take a pictue in dark Infrated night vision camera
The camera can place in a front door or drive way Visitor identifying
Outside of a home can be monitored in house Home security
An entry in a drive way can be seen inside the house Entry detection
Low power consumption
High sensitivity
Horizontal resolution: 420 TV Lines
Image pick-up device: 1/4" Color Sharp CCD
Lens: Built-in 3.6mm
Infrared LEDs: 5*12 pcs
IR View Distance: 30-65 feet
Power: DC 8-12V